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 The Professor's Companion: Dustin MacKenzie

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Dustin MacKenzie

Dustin MacKenzie

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PostSubject: The Professor's Companion: Dustin MacKenzie    Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:46 pm

Birth name: Dustin Mackenzie




Personality: He's quiet, but is intelligent none the less. He loves traveling and dreaming of something beyond the rock he calls home. Arrogant at times, but over he's a nice person to be around.

Species (Timelord, Alien, Cyberman, Dalek,Human, ETC): Human

Background information: Dustin grew up in Manhattan. His family was wealthy, but he never really felt a part of them. In school he was the quiet kid in class that no one really talked to unless forced. He partially came out of his shell in his Junior year of high school, saving a girl from an abusive boy friend at prom. He was applauded by the entire school, and looked at like a hero. A role model. He hated this, He had gotten so used to being alone he shut everyone out. After high school his parents wanted to pay for the finest college. Dustin however had different plans. He wanted to travel, so he used to money that he was given for college and decided to travel the globe. This however was cut short when his mother was diagnosed with Osteocarcoma.

Face claim:Jessie Eisenberg‏
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The Professor's Companion: Dustin MacKenzie
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