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 The Professor

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The Professor

The Professor

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PostSubject: The Professor   The Professor Icon_minitimeSun Dec 22, 2013 1:14 pm

Timelord name: The Professor

Birth name:Omega Sigma



Appearance: Tall, brown hair, blue eyes. Usually wears suits, but on occasion he wears a shirt,hoodie jeans and sneakers.

Personality:Funny, Intelligent, Serious at times of need, (Mix of David's and Matt's Doctor basically.)

Species (Timelord, Alien, Cyberman, Dalek,Human, ETC):Timelord

Times Regenerated(If timelord): 15

TARDIS type:40

Background information: In this universe The Professor basically is the Doctor, but with some major differences. one being he didn't put Gallifrey in a timelock, and another being that he was on the time lord council until around his hundreds, where he decided to leave and explore. Being denied a TARDIS he stole one from a junk yard and went to Earth, London in the 1960's to be exact. The Chamelion Circuit broke and became stuck in the form of a 60's era blue police box.

Face claim: Andrew Garfield.
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The Professor
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