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  The Rogue

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The Rogue

The Rogue

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Timelord title:  The Rogue
Birth name:  Alpha Theta Tau
Gender: As of this form she's female.
Age:  873
Appearance:  Fairly long, black and wavy hair that she always wears up.  Glasses that change shape depending on the time period.   Likes to wear her Union uniform to commemorate her fallen friend, but will change clothes if needed for stealth.
Personality:  Know it all, and always ready for action.  Don't depend on her because she will ditch you.
Species:  Timelord
Times Regenerated: 2. Which means she's on her third form, a'ight?
TARDIS type: None, she has a Time Vortex Manipulator
Background information:  Right as the Time War began Rogue left.  She knew it was trouble and wanted no part of it.  Though after feeling guilty about letting her race die she seeked out war on other planets, as she though she could make up for abandoning the Timelords. Rogue has only had one companion, named Albert, but after witnessing his death she gave up the idea of "companionship".  She only travels the universe looking for a fight.  For instance she fought in the Civil War with Albert in her first form.  You'll find her under fake names in WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Korean War, etc. etc.
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The Rogue
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